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Press Release: UK – IHRC welcomes courts findings that the anti-terror...

IHRC welcomes the courts findings that the anti-terror asset freezing orders are legally flawed as a means of reassessing the whole process.

Event Alert: IHRC supports the National Campaign Against ‘Anti-Terror’ Powers


Press Release: Anti-Terror Statistics Highlight Criminalization of the Innocent

The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is deeply concerned about the anti-terror statistics that were recently released by the Home Office.

Alert: Launch of New Anti-Terror Workshops

The Islamic Human Rights Commission, supported by Stop Political Terror, is pleased to announce the launch of new workshops designed to educate the community about the latest anti-terror legislation.

Rough Justice: Are anti-terror proposals creating a climate of fear?

The LSESU Comparative Ideologies Society invites you to the panel discussion of the year on the Government\'s proposed Anti-Terror legislation.

Urgent Alert: Campaign against New Anti-Terror Laws

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is calling upon all campaigners to take urgent action against forthcoming anti-terror legislation.

UK: Protest against anti-terror policing

A protest organised by the Stop Police Terror group against the victimisation of the Muslim community under anti-terror policing.

Proposed Australian Anti-Terror Laws

Australia's pending proposals to introduce new measures under scrutiny.

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