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Prevent Islamophobia -Goldsmiths Final Plenary Project

Arzu Merali's presentation on the internalisation of the Prevent and anti-terrorism regimes.Keywords: Prevent, anti-terrorism,...

PRESS RELEASE – UK: IHRC endorses UN rapporteur’s view on ‘totalitarian’...

Maina Kiai criticised the ever-widening PREVENT strategy for its Orwellian impact on free speech and its effect on Britain's Muslim minority

Press release – UK: Anti-terror laws are a war on Muslims

New policies include creating blacklists of 'radicals' and 'extremist' groups subject to banning orders.

IHRC Reports and briefings on Counter terrorism measures

A collection of IHRC reports, briefings and publications on UK counter-terror laws

New anti-terror measures revealed

Theresa May said the threat from jihadists and other fanatics is "greater than it has ever been" 

New anti-terror proposals criticized in UK

Proposed powers include giving police access to online data and ordering universities to ban 'extremist speakers' from their campuses

New anti-terror measures revealed

A sweeping package of counter-terror measures has been unveiled by the Government

How complaining about the media doesn’t work

How complaints procedure reinforce structural racism in the media. 

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