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Why Can’t The British Army Recruit Muslims?

Arzu Merali joins the panel on TRT World to discuss issues around the otherisation of Muslims, militarisation in the UK and the revision of UK history.

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: Army kills mourners at annual Ashura commemorations

THIRD PRESS RELEASE: 200 plus arrested in Kano

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: Army removes people from Katsina mosque

IMN members deliberately stayed away from the mosque today in order to avoid any confrontation

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: Concerns mount over Islamic Movement leader “shot”...

IHRC has received credible but unconfirmed reports that Nigerian troops have shot and wounded the leader of Nigeria's Islamic Movement in an ongoing assault against the group and its leadership.

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: Islamic Movement under attack, army surrounds leader’s...

Nigerian soldiers have surrounded the personal home of the leader of Nigeria's Islamic Movement in what seems like a planned bid to execute him.

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: Military break down front of Islamic centre,...

For immediate release, 2nd press release

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: Military invade Islamic Centre in Zaria

Updated information at 01:31 GMT, 13 December 2015

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: Military threatening to storm Islamic Centre, continues...

Updated information at 01:18 GMT, 13 December 2015

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