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Hate crimes expected to rise once talks start

Arzu Merali is interviewed by Press TV on hate crime

Islamophobia Conference 2015

On the 12th December at the P21 Gallery, IHRC and Scotland Against Criminalising Communities came together for the second annual Islamophobia Conference titled the 'Changing face of Islamophobia'. 

Environment of Hate: The New Normal for Muslims in the UK

IHRC's tragic report on the hate crime faced by Muslims in the UK

Gender inequality in the UK

Arzu Merali comments on worsening inequalities between women and men in the UK

Decolonizing the Mind: Summer School

The First Edition is being held in Amsterdam from 19 July - 31 July 2015. Arzu Merali will be lecturing

Muslim Perspectives on Charlie Hebdo

Wednesday, 11 February from 6 - 8pm. Arzu Merali is on the panel

UK anti-terror moves demonize Muslims

Arzu Merali on the new British counter-terrorism measures

Enduring Hierarchies of Power: On Islamophobia Today

Azru Merali offers some reflections on what the fight against Islamophobia entails today

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