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The Role of the Media in Promoting Intercultural Dialogue

IHRC's Arzu Merali at the panel event organised by the Non-Aligned Movement at UNESCO, 10 June 2011.

Extradition Crisis: The Case of Talha Ahsan

Omar Shahid Marks the five years of the imprisonment without trial of Talha Ahsan.

Islamophobia Production and Re-Defining Global Security Agenda

Panel on "Producing Islamophobia and Fomenting Fear".

Islamophobia Production and Re-Defining Global “Security” Agenda for the 21st Century

IHRC’s Arzu Merali speaks at the Islamophobia conference at the University of California, Berkeley.

Interview with the Islamic Human Rights Commission

Massoud Shadjareh and Arzu Merali of the IHRC speak to foreign policy in focus about the rise of Islamophobia.

IHRC’s Arzu Merali attends the Islamic Feminism Congress

The head of Research department at the Islamic Human Rights Commission attends The Fourth International Congress on Islamic Feminism.

Feeling a bit Charlie Brown: Shirin Ebadi, Nuclear Inspections and Iran

Its arguably one of the few positive images of Muslims after 9/11, but at least now no-one thinks you’re paranoid anymore.

My Lobby Ran Off With Kilroy, or Why Muslims Shouldn’t Emulate...

If someone had the inclination to inscribe the events of the last few weeks it would make good theatre.

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