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Saudi Digest #63

The regime has remained virtually silent about Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

IHRC draws attention to Bahrain’s continued violation of human rights against...

The United States and United Kingdom have failed to criticize Bahrain for the violation of basic human rights

PRESS RELEASE – BAHRAIN: Breaking – Casualties as armed forces storm...

Security forces fired live rounds and tear gas as they stormed the area causing at least one fatality with several reported wounded

PRESS RELEASE – Bahrain: Breaking – Armed security forces attack peaceful...

Eye-witnesses are reporting that the town of al-Duraz is completely under siege

PRESS RELEASE – UK/Bahrain: IHRC beams protest images onto Houses of...

Britain continues to politically and militarily support the Bahraini regime despite a well-documented history of human rights abuses against its citizens and reform campaigners

PRESS RELEASE – UK/Gulf: Theresa May should cancel meeting with GCC...

Theresa May's decision shows a glaring disregard for human rights

Letter to Prime Minister concerning upcoming trip to Bahrain

In travelling to Bahrain May is effectively endorsing the al-Khalifa monarchy's repression of its own people for nothing other than seeking to realise their fundamental human right to self-determination

Judiciary in Bahrain extension of royal family

Press TV interviewed Massoud Shadjareh about the decision made by a court in Bahrain to dissolve the country’s main Shia opposition group

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