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PRESS RELEASE – Bahrain: Denaturalisation of cleric highlights ongoing repression against...

Ayatollah Qassim is a leading voice for reform in the island monarchy calling for greater civil and political rights for the majority Shia community.

Democratization and Empowerment in Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Read for more information and resources on the campaign

Press release: Arrest of Sheikh Ali underscores Bahrain’s reluctance to reform

Leader of Bahrain's biggest political opposition group was placed under arrest following a day of questioning at the General Directorate for Criminal Investigations

Press release: UK hypocrisy over Bahrain evident ahead of International Human...

Over the weekend the UK Defence Secretary announced that Britain would be establishing a naval base in the island state of Bahrain

Press release: New report calls for curbing of citizenship stripping powers

Report provides a disturbing overview with focus on the the UK, Bahrain, Kuwait and UAE

Stripping Of Nationality As A Weapon Of Political Suppression: The Cases...

A report by Caterina Aiena on the widespread phenomenon of stateless people

Mercenaries in Bahrain: The cruel crackdown of the uprising

An analysis on the recruitment of foreign mercenaries by Bahrain authorities in order to curb anti-regime protests

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