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Action Alert: Bangladesh – Demand a Fair Trial for Jamat-e-Islaami Activists

Jamat-e-Islaami activists should be given a fair trial, find out how you can help.

Bangladesh Campaign Resources

Follow the latest campaign actions and information on the political trials.

Comment – Sayedee’s Conviction – a Travesty of Justice

A Comment Piece by Mohamed Idris from Citzens International

Action Alert: Bangladesh – Demand a fair trial for Professor Ghulam...

Write to your local MPs and the UN demanding that they act to ensure that Professor Ghulam Azam is tried in an independent international court.

Action Alert: Bangladesh – Write letters calling for the fair trial...

Azam indicted in government sponsored “International Crimes Tribunal”.

Forwarded Press Release: Global / Myanmar – INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY DAY FOR...

Day of Solidarity declared with Rohingya for 24 July

Credit induced poverty eradication and gender empowerment

Liberal development theoreticians argue that Microfinance programs in Bangladesh present a comprehensive assault on the core reasons of poverty by empowering the most marginalized section of Bengali society; rural, poor women. But from what lens are they viewing this empowerment and is it working?

Action Alert: Bangladesh– Mohiuddin Ahmed, official spokesperson of Hizb ut-Tahrir in...

Write letters to urge the Bangladesh government to release Mohiuddin Ahmed and his family immediately from house arrest.

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