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The BBC and Islamophobia: Reporters, Perpetrators or Apologists?

IHRC is concerned tonight's BBC UK Islam contribution 'Islamophobia' will not truly highlight the level and extent of the problem as faced by British Muslims.

BBC’s anti-Muslim witch-hunt

Muslim reporters contributing to BBC news pieces are being asked to
declare their affiliations under, what appears to be a new policy of
discrimination engineered by pro- Israeli MPs.

MEDIA ALERT: BBC Radio 4 ‘World Tonight’ caves in to...

Mike Gapes MP for Ilford South has complained about a piece on Radio 4's 'The World Tonight.' The piece by Faisal Bodi, mentioned the campaign by local Muslims to unseat the MP because of his membership of Labour Friends of Israel.

BBC Launches Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt

World Tonight programme discriminates against Muslims

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