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Press Release: BNP Fascists Must be Banned

IHRC calls for the official banning of the racist and Islamophobic British National Party

PRESS RELEASE: BNP’s Election Broadcast Should Be Roundly Condemned

IHRC is calling on all political parties to take anti-Islamophobia stance

Press Release: The Horror of Allied Brutality in Iraq Must be...

IHRC calls for war crimes investigation against US and UK soldiers

URGENT MEDIA ALERT: BBC Website poll – Should Headscarves be banned...

Demand that that the poll be removed and an appropriate apology issued.

URGENT MEDIA ALERT: BBC Website poll – Should Muslim Girls Be...

The BBC website is currently running a poll on the above, following the case of the Singapore government banning hijab in state schools. Please urgently email the BBC website administrators and editors at newsonline.complaints@bbc.co.uk and politely dema

Terrorism Act Comes Into Force: Muslim Community Likely to be Victimised

The notorious UK Terrorism Act 2000 will come into force this Monday, despite objections from numerous human rights organizations who have protested it.

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