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Proposed Counter Terrorism and Security Bill: An Orwellian Possibility

This new Bill will erode civil liberties and turn the UK into a police state.

Concerns Raised Over Terror Bill Which Requires Universities To Ban Extremist...

The bill, published on Wednesday, coincides with the publication of the report on the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich last year

Concerns over anti-terror reforms

New anti-terror laws have been published amid criticism by human rights groups

Press Release: UK Terrorism Bill – Who will be prosecuted for...

Response to the House of Commons vote that saw the proposed offence of glorification of terrorism reinserted in to the proposed Terrorism Bill

Urgent Alert: Campaign against Australian Terror Bill

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is urging all campaigners to take urgent action against forthcoming anti-terror legislation in Australia.

Press Release: Terror Bill will Fuel Community Tensions

IHRC is warning that new draconian anti-terror laws risk alienating British Muslims and could fuel community tensions.

Briefing now available on-line: The Civil Contingencies Bill

IHRC's latest briefing looks at the further curtailment of civil liberties by the British government's proposed legislation.

The Civil Contingencies Bill

An overview of the British government's proposed Bill and its implications on human rights and civil liberties.

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