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IHRC condemns “Black Pete” celebrations and the rise of Islamophobia in...

The annual Sinterklaas Festival became a testing ground for the status of ethnic minorities and their attempts to influence what it means to be Dutch

PRESS RELEASE – Netherlands: IHRC calls for the CERD recommendation to...

Black Pete is a symbol of the colonial subjugation of Black Africans

IHRC Statement on the Netherlands

Statement on "Black Pete" to the UN Human Rights Committee

Dutch Sinterklaas parade disrupted by right extremists and police

Protestors in the Netherlands were in condemnation of the 'Black Pete' figure

Beyond blackface: emancipation through the struggle against Black pete, Dutch racism...

Detailed background on the 'Black Pete' case from Mitchell Esajas

Press release: IHRC welcomes Black Pete court decision

Racist aspects of the commemoration of Sinterklaas are an insult to the Netherland's black residents.

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