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Boston Bombing, Islamophobia and Sudden Ignorance Syndrome

Hatem Bazian looks at the Anti-Muslim discourse post- Boston

Boston Bombings: The West’s Selective Grieving

Blog post by Assed Baig on the Boston Attacks

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: UJN condemns the sectarian bomb attacks in Pakistan

The Universal Justice Movement strongly condemns the bomb attacks which killed more than 100 people in one day.

PRESS RELEASE: Gaza / UK – IHRC Statement on bombing of...

On the bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces, IHRC Chairman Said:
“As People of the world watch this latest heinous act, we await swift and outright condemnation of these crimes and action from governments worldwide.”

PRESS RELEASE: Media Islamophobia in the Wake of Recent Tel-Aviv Bombing

IHRC is concerned at recent media hype and resultant Islamophobia that surrounds the possible involvement of two British Muslims in Wednesday's Tel Aviv bombing.

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