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Documentary Screenings: Forgotten Genocide

The Forgotten Genocide has been screened nation wide from Southampton to Edinburgh to various other cities. 

If you are interested in organising a screening for the Forgotten Genocide please do not hesitate to contact research@ihrc.org and we would be glad to assist. 

We would be happy to assist in international screenings also. 

SACC Press release: UK/Bosnia – Glasgow event to take a fresh...

Forwarded press release from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities on the screening of 'Forgotten Genocide'

Press release – UK/Bosnia: Premier of film commemorating genocide in Bosnia...

The premier is set to take place at Rich Mix on Thursday, 15 January at 7pm

Event Report: Author Evening with Saida Sherif

IHRC hosted an Author Evening with Saida Sherif on 3 September 2015

Author Evening: ‘Sparks of Fire’ with Saida Sherif

Thursday, 3 September at 6.30pm

Srebrenica – the Result of Religious Bigotry and Fear

It is relatively easy to incite hatred and fear of "the other"

Massoud Shadjareh: Islamophobia dates back to before 9/11

Press TV interviewed Massoud Shadjareh to discuss the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre

You Will Burn My House Down – But I will Still...

Arzu Merali reflects on the recent memorialisation of Srebrenica and the loss of its historical context.

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