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Mladic on trial for genocide but demonisation of Muslims continues

"Europe hasn't learnt from the Holocaust or Bosnian genocide". 

ACTION ALERT: Bosnia – Bosnian Parliament is to ban the face...

The Bosnian Central Parliament is to discuss a new law proposed by the Bosnian Serb Party of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) on 1st September 2010 to ban the face veil for which Muslim women have held a protest outside the Central Parliament in Sarajevo.

No Coincidences

Sanja Bilic remembers the Srebrenica genocide in 1995 and asks why so many complicit in it are still free?

PRESS RELEASE: Bosnia – IHRC on Srebrenica genocide at 13 years

IHRC remembers Srebrenica massacre on 13 year anniversary, welcomes current civil action against the Dutch State by relatives of victims.

Bosnia: Revisiting Genocide

Lecture by Demir Mahmutcehajic,
President of the Bosnian Community in Britain,

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