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PRESS RELEASE: Regional / OSCE – New Briefing – Intervention on...

Islamic Human Rights Commission made an oral intervention in the 12th working session of the OSCE HDIM today in Warsaw, Poland.

BRIEFING: Intervention on Freedom of expression, free media and information

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is devoted to the concept of free speech.

PRESS RELEASE: Regional / OSCE – New Briefing – Recommendations on...

Islamic Human Rights Commission has submitted recommendations at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw, Poland, today.

BRIEFING: Recommendations on the Implementation by States of OSCE Commitments related...

As a result of this cumulative work spanning over a decade, IHRC has indentified certain key issues around anti-Muslim hatred, hostility and discrimination.

BRIEFING: UK / Anti-Terrorism – Whose Hearts and Minds? Contest...

This briefing seeks to provide an overview of the updated version of the ‘Counter-Terrorism Strategy of the United Kingdom.

IHRC on CST’s response to its briefing

IHRC presents this two part response to the CST's document 'The Islamic Human Rights Commission and CST' by Dave Rich dated June 17th 2009.

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