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Alert: UK – Channel 4 broadcast of film ‘The Shooting of...

IHRC invites you to watch 'The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall', “a moving feature-length drama about Tom Hurndall, a 21-year-old photography student fatally wounded by an Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) sniper”.

PRESS RELEASE: BNP’s Election Broadcast Should Be Roundly Condemned

IHRC is calling on all political parties to take anti-Islamophobia stance

URGENT ALERT: UK – Protest the BNP’s racist and Islamophobic broadcast

IHRC is calling on campaigners to write in protest to the Ofcom and the Commission for Racial Equality asking for specific action.

ACT NOW! Stop racially inflammatory BNP broadcast

Forwarded alert from BLINK. Stop the Islamophobic and Racist BNP broadcast to be aired tonight 28th May, 2004.

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