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Sri Lanka fighting over, but much work remains, says Ban

The Sri Lankan Government last month declared that its military operation against Tamil rebels has ended, but there remain a number of outstanding issues that if left unaddressed could lead more violence, stated Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: UK/Guantanamo – Cageprisoners Welcomes The Return of Binyam...

Cageprisoners today welcomes the return of Binyam Mohammed- a British resident unlawfully detained in Guantanamo Bay for the last seven years

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Police stop 180,000 people under Section 44...

Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned with the recently released statistics regarding stops and searches under s44 of the Terrorism Act 2000. It is clear that there is significant misuse of powers granted to the Police under the Act.

PRESS RELEASE: Reaction to Abu Hamza Verdict – Free Speech for...

Despite Abu Hamza's controversial character it is astounding that this week Nick Griffin walked free and Abu Hamza has been convicted.

Labour Candidate Apologises to Ombudsman But Not Constituency

Paul Daisley has had to apologise to the Local Government Ombudsman, but not to the constituents to whom he had responded.

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