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Alert Update: Hicham Yezza’s deportation cancelled, immigration case to be reviewed

Hicham Yezza's scheduled deportation for 1 June 2008 was cancelled and his immigration case is now with the Home Office's legal advisers.

Forwarded Alert: UK – Aamer Anwar case – judgement awaited

It now seems that a judgement won\'t be given in the Aamer Anwar contempt case until June

PRESS RELEASE: New Briefing: Retraction of freedom of expression in Morocco:...

A look at the worrying state of affairs within Morocco concerning freedom of expression. This briefing is particularly potent at a time of continuously persistent and increasing state repression.

Freedom of Expression in Morocco: Retraction of freedom of expression in...

This briefing details the restrictions to the freedom of expression in the kingdom of Morocco. It also investigates the cultural and political factors involved, and the nature of the sensitive issues that are restricted within the country.

Press Release: Case of Abdul Muqtadir Mustaqim indicates departure from McPherson

------------------------------------------------ Islamic Human Rights Commission ------------------------------------------------ 30 January 2006 Press Release: Case of Abdul Muqtadir Mustaqim indicates departure from McPherson...

Press Release: Dismay as High Court Rejects Schoolgirl’s Discrimination Case

IHRC is deeply dismayed by the High Court's ruling that ban against Muslim schoolgirl wearing the jilbab by Denbigh High School was appropriate.

Campaign Resources: Case Study of Pro-Israeli Bias – Children’s BBC Website...

The Innovative Minds team have produced an excellent analysis of pro-Israeli bias in the media including analysis and exercises.

Briefing now available on-line: Landmark Religious Vilification Case in Australia

IHRC's latest briefing looks at the landmark religious vilification case brought by the Islamic Council of Victoria in Australia.

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