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Landmark Religious Vilification Case in Australia

In the first case of its kind, the Islamic Council of Victoria is suing the Catch the Fire Ministries for religious vilification in Australia.

Language, Media and the Public Mind – A Case Study of...

An analysis of how overt and covert racist and Islamophobic stereotyping in the media works, with specific reference to the 'ricin incident' in the UK earlier this year.

PRESS RELEASE: Disheartening climb down by Belgium over Sharon crimes against...

Belgium's acclaimed war crimes law, once seen as a landmark advancement for global justice, was severely limited by the Senate on Saturday 5 April 2003.

The Legal Case Against Ariel Sharon

The implications of the Belgian Court of Cassation's rulings. This report was written before the Belgian Senate approved the new version of Belgium's...

Campaign Update: Turkey, SELAM-TAVHID CASE

Various appeals have been heard in the Selam-Tevhid case.

Sharon’s Case Dismissed by Belgian Courts

The Court of Appeal of Brussels has declared inadmissible a case brought against Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Pack on Imam Jamil case now available

A comprehensive pack detailing the background to the case against Imam Jamil, his trial and various campaign materials is now available online.

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