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Action Alert: UK / Palestine / Israel – Protest against G4S...

Join the vigil against G4S and Israel’s practise of “administrative detention”

Event Report: Children’s Story Telling Afternoon

Thank you for helping to make our event a great success

Action Alert: Protest in solidarity with Palestinian Child prisoners

Join a vigil to protest in solidarity with Palestinian Child prisoners

Action Alert: UK- Muslim chess players victims of Islamophobia, racism and...

Disgraceful treatment of Muslim family goes unabated by English Chess Federation

Al Quds under Threat – part 2

The Children of Al-Quds

PRESS RELEASE: Bahrain/UK–IHRC writes to Manchester United requesting minute silence for...

Ahmad was killed wearing his team’s jersey while playing football.

PRESS RELEASE: Bahrain – Regime targets poets, children and women as...

Imprisonments and killings prove that sectarianism is of little relevance to Bahrain’s struggle.

London’s children the most deprived in the UK

One in three children in London live in lone-parent families, and one in four in low-income households

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