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Press Release: IHRC statement in response to Andy Hayman’s Comments

In response to Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman\'s
comments today, IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh stated:

Press Release: Beckett’s Comments Deny Reality of Life in the UK

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned by the government's abject refusal to accept that its policies are largely contributing to the rise of terrorism.

Press Release: IHRC Statement in Response to Prime Minister Blair’s Support...

The reality is that those veiled women who visited Jack Straw's office took a substantial step towards integration and engagement

Press Release: IHRC Statement in Response to Jack Straw’s Comments on...

In response to news that Jack Straw has asked Muslims women to remove their veils when visiting his surgery, IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh stated:

PRESS RELEASE: Pope Benedict XVI’s comments justify exclusion of Muslims

IHRC response to the Pope\'s comments.

Press Release: IHRC comments on ‘Terrorism and Community Relations’ Report

IHRC welcomes the Home Affairs Select Committee report on 'Terrorism and Community Relations'. However, IHRC disappointed with certain findings of the Committee.

Superintendent’s comments to “machine gun Muslims” reveal depth of Institutional Islamophobia...

IHRC is deeply concerned that hateful Islamophobic comments allegedly made by Manchester superintendent will lead to further violence against Muslims.

Press Release: Outrage at Blair’s Anti-Muslim comments

The Islamic Human Rights Commission called for an immediate apology for Blair's "insensitive and provocative statements.”

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