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Watch LIVE: The Seventh Annual International Conference on the Study of...

The conference will be broadcast live from the University of California, Berkeley. April 22-23

Islamophobia Conference: The Changing Face of Racism

IHRC successfully hosted the second conference on tackling Islamophobia with a diverse platform of speakers on 12 December 2015

Press release – Europe: Weekend Against Islamophobia to discuss impact of...

An European weekend of action against Islamophobia is to start on Friday.

Islamophobia In UK: Muslim Leaders Allege Government Contributes To Anti-Muslim Sentiment

Muslim organizations claimed that programs by the British government have contributed to Islamophobia in the U.K

UK Muslim Organizations Accuse Government of Islamophobia

A U.K. anti-terrorism program presents the Islamic faith as opposite to "British values," advocates say

Preventing Violent Extremism?

The conference will take place on 13 June 2015 from 2 - 5pm (lunch at 1pm)

VENUE CHANGED TO: Amanah Centre, 251 Commercial Road, London E1 2BT

Press release – UK: Conference to tackle pernicious government deradicalisation programme

The conference is being held this Saturday 13 June from 2-5pm

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