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IHRC’s Arzu Merali attends the Islamic Feminism Congress

The head of Research department at the Islamic Human Rights Commission attends The Fourth International Congress on Islamic Feminism.

URGENT ALERT: Sudan – Sudanese authorities prevent Dr Hasan Al-Turabi, Secretary-General...

Despite having obtained both a visa and permission to travel from the interior ministry, Dr Hasan Al-Turabi, Secretary-General of Popular Congress Party (PCP), was prevented by Sudanese security forces from travelling to Paris to seek much needed medical

URGENT ALERT: Sudan – Sudanese government forces arrest Dr Hasan Al-Turabi,...

Dr Al-Turabi, was arrested following comments he made with regards to the widely expected ICC warrant against the Sudanese President.

URGENT ALERT: SUDAN – Members of Popular Congress Implicated in Recent...

Popular Congress leader Dr Hasan Al-Turabi and several party members implicated to be involved with Jem forces in the bloodshed in Omdurman.

URGENT ALERT: Purge of Popular Congress party by the Sudanese Government

Demand the release of members of the Popular Congress party who have been detained without trail.

ALERT UPDATE: Sudan: 13 Popular Congress Party members released – Keep...

Following the release of 13 members of the Popular Congress Party this week, pressure must be maintained on the Sudanese government to release remaining the 66 PCP political prisoners and all unjustly held detainees.

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