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The 10 counter-narratives needed to beat Islamophobia in Europe

The launch of a 'Counter-Islamophobia Toolkit' offers reason for hope at a time when racism is on the rise in many parts of Europe

Europe can do more to end Islamophobia by using these ten...

New research from the Counter Islamophobia Kit (CIK) project, which launches today at the European Parliament, seeks to provide answers

CIK Project Knowledge Exchange – Germany

The event will take place on Wednesday, 10 October

CIK – Launch of UK Key National Messages

Friday, 30 November from 9am - 2pm

Counter-Islamophobia Toolkit Launch – European Parliament

Attendees MUST register by filling in enclosed form. Launch on 26 September

PRESS RELEASE: Launch of Landmark Counter-Islamophobia Toolkit (CIK)

The CIK will be launched on Wednesday 26 September 2018 at the European Parliament

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