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Press Release: European Court Hijab Ruling Devastating Blow for Human Rights

This is a devastating blow for human rights and justice in Europe today.

Protest “From Israel with love” Nov 13th 10.30a.m. Alexandra Palace Way...

Zionist Federation to hold its “ From Israel with love” event at Alexandra Palace on November 13th 2005.

Press Release: IHRC Condemns Court Decision to Extradite Babar Ahmad

IHRC condemns the decision by District Judge Timothy Workman to approve the extradition of Babar Ahmad to the US.

Demonstration Outside Bow Street Magistrates’ Court

Final Verdict on Babar Ahmad\'s Extradition Case

Alert Update: Nureddin Sirin victorious at European Court of Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights has found in favour of Nureddin Sirin in his case against Turkey.

PRESS RELEASE: European Court Ruling Devastating Blow for Human Rights and...

Deep concern at European Court of Human Rights ruling that Turkey's university headscarf ban, affecting some 50,000 Muslim women, is legitimate.

Press Release: Dismay as High Court Rejects Schoolgirl’s Discrimination Case

IHRC is deeply dismayed by the High Court's ruling that ban against Muslim schoolgirl wearing the jilbab by Denbigh High School was appropriate.

The International Criminal Court and Possible US Prosecution

Perpetrators safe in the knowledge that the international community will not bring them to account have committed some of the worst crimes of modern times.

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