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Event Alert: Author Evening with Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

Dr Ahmed joins us to discuss his latest book ‘A User’s Guide to the Crisis of civilization: And How to Save It’.

URGENT ALERT: Pakistan – Demand an end to Pakistani military action...

IHRC is gravely concerned about the escalating humanitarian crisis unfolding in northern Pakistan.

Press Release: Darfur: The Origins & Diagnosis of the Crisis –...

IHRC's latest briefing is a review of the current humanitarian crisis affecting the indigenous people of Darfur

Darfur: The Origins & Diagnosis of the Crisis

What is happening in Darfur? A look at the origins of the current conflict.

The Blame Game: International Law and the Current Crisis in the...

This briefing seeks to assess the legal position of a response to Israeli aggression and policies towards Lebanon and the Palestinian people.

ALERT UPDATE: Aceh Crisis, Indonesia

Recent events have seen the continuation in the severity of the violence, ever since the fragile peace accord between the Indonesian government and Aceh\'s separatist movement broke down.

World Celebrates Global Human Rights Crisis

International Day of Human Rights has little relevance for most of the world's people, particularly Muslims

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