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Muslim Brotherhood vows to bring down military coup

International community's condemnation too little, too late

PRESS RELEASE: Syria – Government must not allow Syria to become...

IHRC is deeply concerned by the escalating situation in Syria, including the deaths of protestors and security personnel, and the deepening social polarisation.

Gaza deaths dog Israeli military

Reports have surfaced in the Israeli media suggesting that Israeli forces killed Palestinian civilians under what may have been lax rules of engagement during the Gaza offensive.

Protest against custody deaths

The UFFC is holding its 9th Annual Remembrance Procession for those who have died in police, prison or psychiatric custody.

No More Deaths in Custody

The Menezes family are supporting this event, please join them:

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC condemns US interrogation deaths in Afghanistan and voices...

IHRC condemns the deaths of two Afghani Muslims held for interrogation at the US Bagram military base in Afghanistan.

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