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Press release: Deportation ‘possible death sentence’ for Pakistani rights campaigner

NOTE: Demonstration will now be taking place at Stansted airport at 7pm!

AL-Quds Day 2014

Friday 25 July from 3 - 7pm

Alert: Demonstrate against ground invasion of Gaza

Outside the Israeli embassy from 12.30am until 1.30am, Friday 18th July

Britons to voice support for Jordanian prisoners in ‎Israeli jails

British activists are to stage a protest in London to draw public attention to the plight of Jordanian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

G4S Protest London HQ 30 Aug 2013

Free the Hares Boys & Free the Nablus 3 - Protest G4S complicity in their torture

Eye witness account of massacre in Egypt

Eye witness account of massacre in Egypt

Egypt coup resources

A compilation of resources and links from IHRC in relation to the atrocities happening in Egypt.

Eye witness account on Egypt’s events

Below is an eye witness account of the current situation in Egypt.

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