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Trump’s Foreign Policy: An Empire in Decline

Are world leaders moving from appeasing Donald Trump to a position of confrontation?

Islamophobia Awards 2017: It’s time to nominate!

Make your nomination for the Islamophobia Awards 2017!

A Rotten Foundation

Futures are stolen and this is just the beginning

PRESS RELEASE – US: Trump ‘Muslim ban’ is the product of...

Fanned by an equally bigoted media, Muslims have been cast as the archetypal villains in the popular imagination

PRESS RELEASE – UK/USA: May and Trump leading countries further into...

Immigration was a central plank of both the Brexit and Trump campaigns and led to a surge in anti-minority sentiment

Trump and the decline of American imperialism

The victory of Donald Trump bears some important lessons for decolonial activists around the world. From Sandew Hira

Event Report: Islamophobia Awards 2016

IHRC's annual fundraising dinner and gala was held on 5 March 2016

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Nominees announced for Islamophobia Awards 2016

Winners announced at ceremony on 5 March 2016

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