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Forwarded Alert: UK – Shut Down Guantánamo! demonstration

LGC monthly "Shut Down Guantánamo!" demonstration.

U.N. rights chief: Tear down security fence

A United Nations official called on Israel to tear down the West Bank security fence.

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: USA/Palestine – Jews shut down Israeli consulate

Concerned Jewish residents of Los Angeles will shut down the Israeli consulate in protest against the policies of Israel.

Alert: Morocco – Dozens of Islamic schools shut down

Following statements made by a religious leader in Morocco, authorities have ordered the closure of dozens of religious schools in the country.

Alert: Libya – Human rights activists handed down heavy sentences

12 human rights activists were handed down heavy sentences on 10 June 2008 for planning a peaceful demonstration.

URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Government brutally cracks down on protestors

Bahraini police, soldiers and special forces have been in violent confrontation with protestors and activists starting 17 December 2007.

France – A Story of a Society Falling Down

A look at the French riots of 2005 and a discussion of ways to move forward.

PRESS RELEASE: Disheartening climb down by Belgium over Sharon crimes against...

Belgium's acclaimed war crimes law, once seen as a landmark advancement for global justice, was severely limited by the Senate on Saturday 5 April 2003.

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