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Democratization and Empowerment in Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Read for more information and resources on the campaign

Islamic extremists: “We are 100 percent against them” – Muslim Brotherhood

British government considering taking new measures against the Muslim Brotherhood

Press release: Anti Muslim Brotherhood curbs will encourage Egyptian military regime

IHRC believes the British government's efforts to be misdirected

The Never-ending Story of Egypt: Al-Sisi and the Military Legacy

Caterina Aiena on Egypt's military legacy

Press release: IHRC condemns new round of Egypt convictions

Military regime is accused of abusing the criminal justice system

Press release: New Egypt death sentences are an indictment of western...

Death sentences are a new indictment of regime

Press release: Blair speech exposes misplaced concern for Zionist interests

Tony Blair is confusing national interests with Zionist interests

Action Alert : Appeal against British Government’s decision to order an...

David Cameron has ordered an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood with the intention of discovering their links to terrorism.

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