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PRESS RELEASE: Launch of Counter-Islamophobia Toolkit

Ground breaking project provides an actionable Counter-Islamophobia Toolkit aimed at combatting the numerous facets of growing Islamophobia across the EU

1492 and the Formation of Modernity

Modernity is a civilizational project of death. By Ramon Grosfoguel

Genocide Memorial Day 2017

IHRC successfully held Genocide Memorial Day 2017 on 15 January 2017

Environment of Hate: the New Normal for Muslims in the UK...

Hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels by MEP Jean Lambert (greens/EFA) and in collaboration with ARDI Intergroup on Tuesday, 27 September at 1pm

PRESS RELEASE – Europe: Anti-Muslim hate crime report to be presented...

The event in Geneva forms part of a Europe-wide launch of the report

PRESS RELEASE – Europe: Report launch on discrimination against Muslims in...

The launch is set to take place at the European Parliament in Brussels on 27 September

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