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Israel, anti-Semitism and the black humour of hypocrisy

Sometimes the best comedy is made by people who are not trying to be funny. At least, that’s what I discovered when I was accused of emulating the Nazis.

PRESS RELEASE: Europe: Dutch coalition deal risks boosting Islamophobic popularists across...

IHRC warns of serious consequences for all European countries as a result of Dutch coalition deal.

Alert: Belgium – Draft proposal to ban the niqab in process

The consequences of wearing the niqab in Belgium would be a fine of 30 Euros and a 7 day prison sentence. 

PRESS RELEASE: Switzerland – Ban on Minarets: legitimising Anti-Muslim Sentiment in...

The Swiss referendum to vote on a ban on Minarets is the latest indicator of the rising Anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe.

PRESS RELEASE: Netherlands / Europe – IHRC concerned at murder of...

The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is deeply disturbed by news of another possible hate-motivated murder against a Muslim woman in Europe.

A Counter-narrative: Islam and the first Europe

Professor David Lewis explains how a Europe which in the 8th century defined itself in opposition to Islam made virtues out of hereditary aristocracy, persecutory religious intolerance, cultural particularism, and perpetual war.

Alert: New Material on Hijab Bans in Europe available on-line @...

IHRC has produced new materials on Hijab bans in Europe

Muslim Representation in Europe: the British Experience

Arzu Merali looks at the Muslim Representation at the British government.

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