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Extradition – UK Film Screening Tour

New dates added on the UK Film Screening tour

Event Alert: Demonstration Outside Downing Street

Join the movement to stop extradition of British citizens

Action Alert: UK – Demand the trial of Talha Ahsan in...

Stop the clock and reverse the extradition of Talha Ahsan to have him tried in the UK

Forwarded Alert: UK – Stop the extradition of the UK citizens...

Help us to stop the extradition of the British citizens.

Forwarded Alert: UK- Demand that Babar Ahmad be put on trial...

Write to the Director of Public Prosecutions and support the Babar Ahmad campaign today

Forwarded Alert: UK – Family of Babar Ahmad respond to Europe...

European Court of Human Rights rule to extradite Babar Ahmad 

Next step in FBA Campaign

The Free Babar Ahmad campaign is encouraging supporters to contact their MPs to ensure they attend the full parliamentary debate on extradition that has been listed for Monday 5 December 2011 and vote to change the law.

Press TV – Parliament refuses Babar Ahmad debate

Babar Ahmad has been refused a debate on his case in the House of Commons.

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