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Conference will dissect Britain’s pernicious PREVENT programme

Since its inception Prevent has expanded from being an intrusive surveillance programme into an invasive social engineering exercise

May calls on Muslims to respect UK values

Theresa May has urged British Muslims to help deal with extremism

A letter to Nick Clegg regarding the government’s proposed new plans...

Home Office intends to introduce worrying new measures

Press release: UK: New laws should not be a licence to...

Universities could be compelled to ban views they consider to be "extremist" being aired on campuses

Press release: Obama’s ‘Islamic State’ strategy won’t eradicate extremists

Recent history shows that US intervention in the region has only ever had the effect of fanning extremism

Press release: Government approach to Muslim women criminalises community

A campaign is being launched to deter people from going to fight in Syria

Press Release: UK – New anti-extremism measures persecute Muslims

News reports this morning stating that the government is preparing to introduce a raft of further measures to tackle Islamic extremism represent a new attack on the British Muslim community and civil liberties.

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