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Forwarded Alert: USA – Seyed Mahmood Mousavi is Mysteriously Transferred

Seyed Mousavi has recently been moved to a federal transfer facility and is feared to be transferred to what some have dubbed America's “Muslim-only prison” – Communication Management Unit (CMU) in Indiana.

Forwarded Alert: Bahrain – The British Embassy in Bahrain prevents a...

Human rights activist prevented by British embassy in Bahrain from attending a human rights seminar in House of Lords in London.

Forwarded Alert: UK – Barclays decision to close UWT account

The Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) is dismayed by receiving a 30 day notice from Barclays to close their bank account. Barclays Bank has given no apparent reason to why the notice has been served.

Forwarded Event Alert: UK – London Women’s Demonstration against Uzbek Regime’s...

This event is to express outrage at the Uzbek regime\'s depraved actions against female political prisoners.

Forwarded Alert: UK – Interpal highlights inconsistencies in Lloyds TSB correspondences

Interpal updates supporters and highlights Lloyds TSB's attempt to mislead Interpal supporters through ambiguous language.

URGENT FORWARDED ALERT: UK – Message and request from INTERPAL

Urgent message from Interpal concerning Lloyds TSB ordering the Islamic Bank of Britain to cease all dealing with Interpal.

Forwarded Alert: Bahrain – THE OBSERVATORY: Slandering campaign

Media campaign against prominent human rights activists in Bahrain.

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: USA – Local community leader sentence in terrorism...

Despite Sympathetic Court, Case Represents Troubling Use of Government Power

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