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Forwarded alert: Israeli army using Palestinian children as human shields

The picture (can be seen at http://www.palestinemonitor.org/index.html)
of 13 year-old Mohammed Badwan tied to a jeep as a human shield

Forwarded Message – London, UK: Volunteers required to assist solicitor’s firm

We are looking for helpers to help us in research work that we need to have undertaken urgently.

Forwarded Media Monitoring Alert: UK Channel 4 ’12 Days in...

Channel 4 broadcast a short programme entitled \"12 Days in Bethlehem\" which consisted of Israeli occupation army propaganda footage showing soldiers celebrating as they overlooked Bet Sahour.

Forwarded alert: Manchester University Students’ Palestinian Human Rights Motion

Please help Manchester University Students in supporting the motion that
is going to be presented on Wednesday 27th Feb at 1.30pm. Its a Palestinian Human rights motion.

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