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THE GUJARAT GENOCIDE: A barbaric and planned tragedy?

A conference to increase international pressure for bringing the responsibles of the Gujurat Genocide into justice.

‘Gujarat: Ongoing Genocide’ Report Now Available to Download

The report outlines the number and nature of atrocities and includes analyses of the Indian state and local government complicity in the crimes originally attributed to unruly Hindu mobs acting spontaneously.

Gujarat: Ongoing Genocide

A comprehensive report detailing the atrocities committed against the Muslim population of Gujarat.

Vigil to Protest Genocide in India

Over a thousand people have been killed in anti-Muslim violence in the Indian state of Gujarat since 27 February 2002.

Bosnia: Revisiting Genocide

Lecture by Demir Mahmutcehajic,
President of the Bosnian Community in Britain,

UK Conservative Party Backs Russian Genocide in Chechnya

Action: Protest letters to leader of Conservative Party, William Hague MP


The recent Russian campaign to eradicate Muslims from Chechnya has left the Muslim community stunned and almost helpless. No individual or group action seems to be adequate in the scale of disaster unfolding.

Kosova: Et Tu NATO? Lack of contingency plans for genocide leaves...

Once more the spectre of genocide overshadows Europe. Half a million and more are refugees - Kosovans fleeing another Serb crusade against Muslims, and any other vestiges of un-Orthodox identity.

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