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GMD Schools: Resources for Assemblies and Lessons

Those of you commemorating genocides past and present in the coming weeks may find the following resources useful.  A full set of...

PODCAST: Roberto D. Hernandez on Newness, Modernity and Coloniality

Professor Roberto D. Hernandez discusses the role of the concept of 'newness' and 'modernity' in eradicating cultures and peoples.

PODCAST: Santiago Slabodsky – Are Muslims the new Jews?

Professor Santiago Slabodsky joins Arzu Merali to discuss this phrase often used in activism.

Thousands of Myanmar refugees rally in Bangladesh

IHRC's Massoud Shadjareh discusses the ongoing genocide against the Rohingya on Press TV.Keywords:...

Lesson Plan: Remembering the Genocide in Bosnia

Ages 12 - 16Two lessons on the Genocide in Bosnia, covering History, Law, Politics, PSHE, RE and Citizenship...

Lesson Plan: Genocide Memorial Day – The Children

Ages 8 - 18This minute long clip (see below) provides a quick explanation of the concept of ‘genocide’...

Lesson Plans: A Short Course on Genocide

Ages 14 - 18Each lesson is self-contained and can be used individually or as part of the whole...

GMD Powerpoint Lesson Plan on Genocide

Ages 12 - 15ObjectiveBy the end of this lesson, students should be able to:

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