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Background to GMD

Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) is a day focused on remembering man’s inhumanity to man. It takes place on the third Sunday of January each...

MEDIA ADVISORY: Genocide Memorial Day

An event hosted by the Islamic Human Rights Commission  marking the first anniversary of the Gaza massacre and its fallen victims.

Genocide Memorial Day 2011

Genocide Memorial Day is an annual event that was inaugurated in January 2010.

GMD Memorial Essay, November 2010: “Remembering the transatlantic slave trade” by...

Zimarina explores the historical context of transatlantic African slavery and analyses the motives for its establishment and factors which lead to its official abolition.

GMD Memorial Essay, October 2010: Hebron Massacre by Meherun Nessa...

The Hebron Massacre took place on 25, February 1994, during fajr (dawn) prayer in the holy month of Ramadan.

GMD Memorial Essay, September 2010: Darfur by Seyfeddin Kara

The atrocities that people of Darfur have long been facing captured the attention of the international community.

IHRC Newsletter 2010

Read the review of IHRC work 2009 - 2010.

GMD Essay, July 2010: “SREBRENICA: The Call for Justice” by Arzu...

“Every day of this war has seen the most unspeakable atrocities committed against ordinary civilians.” Arzu Merali speaks of heartaching strory of the Srebrenica massacre.

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