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Mladic on trial for genocide but demonisation of Muslims continues

"Europe hasn't learnt from the Holocaust or Bosnian genocide". 

Forwarded Alert: UK –Emergency protest today: UK Government’s Libya Conference

William Hague has called a conference of all parties involved in the action in Libya today.

Action Alert: Yemen – Killings of peaceful protesters continue despite president’s...

Escalating violence in Yemen causes a humanitarian disaster.

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt – US / UK / EU need to...

In another twist, Hosni Mubarak indicates that he is ‘fed up’ but that ‘Obama has not asked for him to go immediately’.  William Hague, the British foreign secretary, does not wish to advocate ‘who should... go’.

Media Alert: William Hague Smears Arabs and Muslims

The former Conservative leader William Hague has smeared Arabs and Muslims in an article in The Spectator entitled \'The resentments of old Europe\' (March 8, 2003)

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