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The 7/7 Backlash: How and Why You Must Report Hate Crimes

Interview with IHRC's Fahad Ansari and Beena Faridi.

Press Release: Increase in racially and religiously motivated crimes indicate climate...

IHRC is deeply worried but not surprised at the steady increase in racially motivated and religiously aggravated crimes, as reported in figures released by the Crown Prosecution Service today.

UK – The Daily Telegraph, the newspaper that taught Britain to...

IHRC is calling on campainers to boycott The Daily Telegraph for its promotion of anti-Muslim hatred.

URGENT ALERT: Write to the DPP to investigate and prosecute members...

IHRC is calling on campaigners to contact the DPP and demand him to investigate and prosecute members of the BNP for hate crimes exposed on BBC's 'The Secret Agent'.

URGENT MEDIA ALERT:’ The hate that will not die’ by Linda...

Islamic Human Rights Commission URGENT MEDIA ALERT: 18th December 2001 'The hate that will not die' by Linda Grant, The Guardian...

Campaign Against Hate Tide Launched

IHRC has issued information and campaigning packages aimed at tackling the tide of anti-Muslim Islamophobia following recent events in the USA.


Muslim civil and political rights abused further by British government.

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