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PRESS RELEASE – UK/Palestine: Dr Hatem Bazian launches latest work on...

Dr Hatem Bazian’s new book ‘Palestine… It is something colonial’ is set to launch on Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Book Launch: Hatem Bazian’s ‘Palestine… It is something colonial’

Wednesday, 7 December at 6.45pm - watch LIVE on IHRC.TV

Watch LIVE: The Seventh Annual International Conference on the Study of...

The conference will be broadcast live from the University of California, Berkeley. April 22-23

Islamophobia Conference 2015

On the 12th December at the P21 Gallery, IHRC and Scotland Against Criminalising Communities came together for the second annual Islamophobia Conference titled the 'Changing face of Islamophobia'. 

Islamophobia Conference: The Changing Face of Racism

IHRC successfully hosted the second conference on tackling Islamophobia with a diverse platform of speakers on 12 December 2015

Press release: Institutional Islamophobia Conference – December 13

The gathering will explore and suggest responses to the alarming rise of Islamophobia in the UK

The Balfour Declaration: Palestine’s British and Zionist Colonial Legacy

Hatem Bazian on November 2 - an annual day of pain and trauma for Palestinians and their allies

Press Release: UK Conference – Experts to gather to discuss strategies...

IHRC will be holding a conference focused on tackling Islamophobia that will take place on Saturday 13 December

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