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The UK Hizbullah Ban

IHRC Chair, Massoud Shadjareh, speaks about UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid's deciison to ban the political wing of Hizbullah.

Is the UK pushing a false narrative on Hezbollah?

Arzu Merali argues that the UK's ban on Hizbullah is the result in part of a capitulation to right wing thuggery and minority Zionist voices.In 2006, there was a war - another onslaught by the invincible...

Letter to Sajid Javid regarding the full proscription of Hezbollah

This is a severe blow to people’s civil liberties and rights to free speech in the UK

A Conversation with Michel (Mikado) Warschawski

Veteran activist Michel Warschawski aka Mikado joined us at the IHRC Bookshop to discuss his life and work. He spoke with Arzu Merali about his transformation from Zionist soldier to pro-Palestinian advocate and activist.

‘Syrian people demands must be met’

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, US, Israel and UK covert attacks inside Syria are all about separating Syria from its support for Hezbollah and Hamas and Iran.

CNN Drops Editor After Hezbollah Comments


CNN dismisses its veteran s senior editor for expressing her  personal views.

Update Alert: Egypt – Hizbullah detainees facing the death penalty

The prosecutor demanded the death sentence for the Hizbullah detainees in Egypt.

Another torture scandal for Egypt

The Lebanese al-Jadid TV network on Tuesday night released a footage showing excruciating torture of a Lebanese detained by Egyptian forces.

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