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Mahal: a Gap Year in the Killing Fields

PRESS RELEASEThe role of British citizens joining the Israeli armed forces and committing atrocities while in uniform is...

Why was Gary Lineker’s Palestine tweet even controversial?

Lineker, by expressing outrage at the Israeli treatment of Palestinian children, has empowered the narrative of the oppressed - and inevitably brought wrath on himself

Questions to the Charity Commission…

IHRC is deeply concerned over due diligence and other issues related to the UK registered Charity 'UK Toremet' and its facilitation of donations towards IDF related causes.

Prisoners of Faith: Sheikh Abdulkareem Obaid and Mustafa Dirani, prisoners of...

Further details on the two Lebanese national kidnapped by the Israeli Defence Force and held incommunicado for 13 and 8 years respectively.

Lebanon's Forgotten Hostage

Arzu Merali looks at the case of Sheikh Abdulkareem Obaid, and the wider issues of the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon.

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