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IHRC Condemns Attacks in New York & Washington; Period of Calm...

IHRC Condemns Attacks; urges for period of calm; asks media to stop talking up blind retribution


IHRC Welcomes Lord Levy Move

Zionist Middle East envoy removed, but still long way to go for Britain's Middle East policy

NIGERIA FREES MUSLIM LEADER IHRC calls for the release of all...

Mu'allim Ibrahim Al-Zakzaky, the leader of Nigeria's Islamic opposition was released from prison today, over two years after his arrest. He and three others on trial with him known altogether as the Zaria Four, were arrested in September 1996

10,000 TO DIE TO SAVE CLINTON: IHRC condemns proposed airstrikes on...

Once more the threat of airstrikes against Iraq looms.

IHRC Rapporteurs Return from Turkey: Preliminary Statement

IHRC Rapporteurs were deeply concerned upon their arrival to hear of the case of a 14 year old protestor (name witheld), who mounted a pseudo-Marxist demonstration against university fees, outside the Turkish Parliament building in Ankara.


Islamic Human Rights Commission is staging the third of its vigils for the detained Muslim leader Mu'allim Ibrahim Al-Zakzaky outside the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group on Nigeria's meeting in London on Thursday.

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