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Press release: Gujarat anti-Muslim violence film to be screened

IHRC to screen a new film analysing causes of the 2002 anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat, India.

Press release: US has blood on its hands over Egypt death...

Sentences indict the regime further

Submission of the Islamic Human Rights Commission to the United Nations...

IHRC presents it concerns on constitutional crisis and the military coup

Know Your Rights Workshops

Book a workshop or join one and find out more.

Myanmar government inquiry, pointless exercise: Expert

Myanmar government inquiry, pointless exercise: Expert

UN sidepanel event on Egypt in Geneva

IHRC's chairman Massoud Shadjareh and Mohammed Ghanem in Geneva.

Response to The Independent on 23 August 2013

IHRC's response to The Independent on their investment

Detention of David Miranda is just the tip of the iceberg

Schedule 7 - IHRC campaign against legislation; also advice on know your rights. 

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