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PRESS RELEASE – India: Gujarat massacre verdict should not be an...

IHRC believes that there is sufficient evidence to implicate Modi and his administration for stoking the 2002 bloodshed or at least standing by while Muslims were mercilessly killed

Press release – UK: Modi visit exposes UK double standards

The visit to the UK of Indian PM Narendra Modi exposes the government's hypocrisy in claiming to tackle extremism.

Directors’ Q&A of ‘Even the Crows: A Divided Gujarat’

Q&A with Sheena Sumaria and Sonum Sumaria

Gujarat Massacres

Find out more information about the Gujarat, India massacres which took place in 2002.

Action Alert: India/Kashmir – Demand an end to the siege of...

Take action to condemn human rights violations and the siege 

Action Alert: India/Israel – Write letters pressing for the release of...

Kazmi has been detained without charge for over 90 days.

Action Alert: India/Israel – Write letters pressing Indian authorities to release...

Indian journalist a pawn in Israel’s covert war against Iran

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