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Shia, Sunni Meeting in Malaysia Discuss ‘World Muslim Unity’

The focus of the meetings was on building a cohesive society in Indonesia

Delegation investigating sectarianism in Malaysia and Indonesia

Resource page for the IHRC-led delegation in Malaysia and Indonesia

Alert: UJN delegation visiting Malaysia and Indonesia

To address the recent sectarian problems in the region

Press release: Indonesia accused of crime against humanity

IHRC requests ICC to investigate humanitarian crimes in Indonesia 


Report of the UJN Delegation to Indonesia, January 2013

Sufi Muslims Feel the Heat of Indonesia’s Rising Intolerance

Andreas Harsono writes for HRW on the persecution of Sufis

Update Alert: Indonesia – Food and water reinstated in Sampang sports...

IHRC welcomes the news of the reinstatement of food and water in the Sampang sports complex

Ten Days in Tehran – The Last Night

Some afterthoughts on my trip to Iran

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